The very unique FW21 season presentation at London Fashion Week was entirely remote this year, but going digital didn’t stop designers from showing off their creativity and finding new and innovative ways of presenting their collections. For gender-neutral Chinese luxury brand Mithridate, we worked with renowned multimedia artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti and an international team to bring to life designer Zhang’s collection as an immersive, gamified digital experience, called Automatiste.

Automatiste allowed a global audience to use their devices as portals of discovery to explore Zhang’s collection through a complex and nuanced tapestry of performance – a digital opera of 25 short films, poetry, 3D environments and scenes inspired by the collection, photography, original sound score, machine-learning, artificial intelligence, and real-time XR (extended reality) technologies.

London, United Kingdom

Visual Designer

Visual Identity
Digital Layout
User Experience / User Interface
Art Direction
Film on-screen Graphics

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