Super Punk World: Cryptopunks x Nina Chanel Abney:

Nina Chanel Abney kicks off the program as the first artist for Punk in Residence, where she’ll spend her tenure working with the CryptoPunks team to create a limited-series of digital collectibles, incorporating her distinctively bold style and perspective into a playful reimagining of the CryptoPunk traits.

“An installation of interactive digital art, as part of Abney’s residence with CryptoPunks, reflects on our virtual versus our real world identities. While enabling visitors to create their own virtual avatars, Abney shines a lens on a tendency to stay hidden, to remain silent, and to avoid confrontation with uncomfortable truths. In such, the audience is challenged to question the moral implications of inaction and silence, particularly in the context of pressing global and social issues. This furthers Abney’s commentary on the pervasive surveillance culture and consequent self-censorship prevalent in digital spaces and in person interactions. Navigating the tension between speaking out and strategic silence in an era marked by digital surveillance, cancel culture, and the contentious debate over free speech, Abney probes the boundaries of what we say and what we withhold, exploring the power of the unsaid in shaping our reality. Investigating the pressure to conform to prevailing narratives for fear of being ostracized, Abney questions the impact of these pressures on creativity and free thought.”

New York, New York

Art Director

Art Direction

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