The Speed Project | DIY

In a year where everything was cancelled, the renegade spirit of The Speed Project lived on in TSP DIY. It’s a decentralised version of the footrace from Los Angeles to Las Vegas challenging teams and individuals to get creative in how they choose to spend their 31 hours and 15 minutes – the current record time for the LA-to-Vegas run.

With systemic racism and inequality continuing to afflict the world, The Speed Project took the responsibility to rally the running community to take action. And if this year has taught us anything, it’s that it’s time to do it ourselves. Each team pledged to a specific charity and donations directly supporting organizations harnessing the power of running to address inequalities in health, fight systemic injustice, and create pathways to opportunity in underserved communities worldwide.

“Our number one rule has always been “no rules.” – Nils

Los Angeles, California

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