PATRICIA COVARRUBIA – Art director & Designer
In the search for innovative solutions and competitive advantage, GE Transportation and SCADPro collaborated in an exploration of the complex world of data visualization. Every second for the last 10 years, GE’s locomotive sensors have collected and transmitted data points tracking variables such as part performance, weather and track conditions, barometric pressure and more, all with a valuable common denominator, GPS location coordinates.

The users of the proposed prototypes are able to see macro and micro trends by zooming in navigating the data spatially. This allows them to identity potential problems and predict future issues to avoid. The root of this project is empowering users to process data that the human mind cannot process without the aid of technology.

This project is under a non disclosure agreement, should you require more information, please contact me. 

The partnership process book outlining research insights, solutions and more

1/10 Prototypes presented to GE Transportation